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Our goal is to help students in high school and college move in an intentional direction as they enter college and the workforce, utilizing a variety of assessment tools such as the Myers Briggs to work with and better understand their own strengths and desires for the future. Therefore, we offer top tier college and career advising.


By using Myers Briggs (otherwise known as MBTI or the Myers Briggs Type Inventory), we help students become more self-aware of their innate (inborn) preferences because working within our preferences allows us to really shine and enjoy life.  We use the MBTI and 3 other “inventories” (an inventory is not a test, but more of a list of choices) to help the student navigate towards his own destiny.

We don’t tell our students what they should be, we let them tell us by doing guided research along a specifically planned pathway.

We offer professional college and career advising for success because getting a degree has little to do these days with getting a job, much less creating a fulfilling and lasting career.

You need to know how to stand out because it starts while you’re in college.  We also create a working resume, along with a game plan so our students intentionally create the experiences and the image that will help them live the life that they want. Enroll with us today!


Roadmap to Career Success was designed to be implemented in a classroom setting, but our new reality has challenged us to recreate the experience inline.

Small classes, individualized instruction.

Your son/daughter could be less than a week away from the direction of their life.

Classes will run for 6 days consecutively, 2½ hours per day

  • Designed for high school sophomores through college freshmen. (Why so early?*)  Students attend six 2 1/2 hour classes.  
  • Each student must have a laptop or some similar device larger than a phone and reliable internet.
  • Each class is designed for me to facilitate their research into careers recommended by the personality, interest and ability inventories they take in class.  
  • Once they have narrowed the choices recommended down to 5, they do extensive research (again, in class) on those five to determine the best fit based upon desired lifestyle, income expectations and predicted job opportunities at the time of graduation.  
  • The last session is on professionalism, and how to use their college experience to stand out from the crowd then they graduate by gaining mentors, applicable experience, and a working resume. 
  • The usual price is still less than the price of one failed college class, much less a change of major, but because of Covid I have reduced the price from $1200 to $600 for a limited time.** 

*You might be wondering how a student could benefit by doing this program early:

  • Studies show that students with a goal make better grades because, ironically, they are not just trying to make the grade. They take ownership of the steps along the way to a goal they have set themselves.
  • They will be able to select the best university or vo-tech school for the area of study they are interested in and start applying early.
  • The professionalism aspect of the course will help them stand out when they apply for that perfect school, by giving them a resume and the knowledge of how to build their experiences toward their goal.


** Students whose time schedule prohibits group classes are $1000.

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