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Pre-Hire Services

Pre-Hire Services

Matrix works with corporate clients
who have engaged in our teambuilding exercises
because we know the team and understand
the culture,
which means that we can help find a new team member who fits.

Perhaps the most alarming side effect of a poor worker is the effect that one person has on the rest of the team. Some hiring managers compare a bad employee to a rotting apple. If you leave the bad apple with the good ones, they will soon begin to show signs of rot too.

Think of the most common characteristics of a bad employee:

  • Inability to produce high-quality work
  • Trouble interacting, communicating and working with other team members
  • Bad Attitude (this can be a result from knowing that you are no longer satisfied with their work)
  • Attendance Issues
  • Inability to meet deadlines

How long do you suppose it would take for those negative characteristics to rub off on others? If Bobby is always late, why should Susie worry about being on time?

If Jane’s work is subpar, Bill won’t be happy about working overtime to compensate.
The CareerBuilder study found 40% of companies experienced a drastic decline in worker productivity as a result of bad employees. Not only were the bad apples failing to do their job, everyone else on the team was performing at a lower level because of that person.

In fact, one poor worker can cause overall productivity to drop by more than 30%. You may think the rest of the team can compensate for the one bad apple, but they can’t. he reason, perhaps, is the effect on employee morale.

More than 35% of bosses reported a drop in morale because of their subpar worker. The negative thoughts and feelings are just too difficult to overcome.

As reported in the Wall Street Journal, on any given workday, most employees have more positive interactions than negative ones. However, the negative instances have five times more of an effect on their mood than the positive ones.

Just Do It Already!

If it doesn’t serve anyone to keep bad employees around, why are you allowing it to happen? Perhaps it is time to clean house.


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