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At Team Matrix, we consider ourselves part of your team, and we use that to help your group exceed goals and timelines. That’s why we offer team training and team building.

There are 2 main reasons a company would call us:

  • Things AREN’T going well or
  • Things ARE going well

If things are NOT going well, obviously we need to find out why and address the issues.

Signs that things are NOT going well:

  • Loss of sales, customers, or profit
  • Grumbly employees, lack of energy in the business or even outright negative conflict
  • Customer complaints
  • Increased employee turn-over, sick leave, or erratic arrivals/departures
  • Increased errors by employees

So what can Team Matrix do to help?  Quite a few things!

  • We can define the problem with a customer satisfaction survey or employee engagement survey
  • We’ll then address the issue directly, in a small group setting or one on one
  • We can administer MBTI  so that everyone from the top down understands their own strengths and those of the people around them.  The best way to develop a respectful atmosphere is to show everyone the big picture. It builds Respect, Cooperation and Perspective.
  • And most importantly, we’ll have a training for the managers, department or entire company to work on communication, conflict resolution or customer service skills.
With the help of our team training and team building program, we can get your team back on track.

 If things ARE going well, why bother?

The company is growing by leaps and bounds; making money hand over fist;  winning awards and they have the happiest employees in the world!

So, why would they need our help?  Because they want to ensure that it stays that way.

Statistics show that when everything is rolling along perfectly, employees often get bored and complacent.  They feel that the push is over and they can rest on their big fat laurels.

And either of those situations is bad for business.

Keep it moving, keep up the good work, keep them engaged.  How? Semi-annual customer service surveys can give invaluable input for improvements or new products.  Annual employee engagement surveys can ensure that managers aren’t missing something.

If a business is growing that much, there are likely some new employees, and those new team members may not feel much like a member of the team.  Are they afraid to rock the boat? Afraid to stand out and shine? That kind of waste of human resources can be the death of your perfect business. So, let us help your team come together! Team training and team building can help those new employees feel comfortable and give them a chance to hit the ground running.

Again, what can Matrix do for you?

Use the MBTI to help employees understand their gifts and empower them to celebrate their gifts for the betterment of the company.

Offer team training and team building exercises to increase communication and cooperation by increasing appreciation for other team members.

Formulate a plan through the team to grow the company with the help of the team. Just ask our happy clients about our success!

Are you ready to get to the next level?